Petition launched to carry again McDonald's ice cream sundaes

Carry again the McDonald’s sundaes.

By Fiona Frawley.

When McDonald’s formally axed their beloved eurosaver ice-cream sundaes again in the summertime of 2018, the nation was simply in need of asserting a nationwide day of mourning.

It is a type of monumental occasions, the sort everybody remembers the place they have been when it occurred – like 9/11 or Michael Jackson dying. When Maccies 86’d that scorching caramel sauce, the world stopped turning for a short second and truthfully, I do not suppose we have ever recovered.

5 years and a worldwide pandemic later, the sundae stans are rising up and campaigning for a return of the long-lasting dessert.

Sundae fanatic Andrea Horan has began a petition calling for the sundae to be returned to Irish McDonald’s, declaring that branches throughout Europe nonetheless have the soft-serve delight on their menus.

“All throughout mainland Europe, America and additional afield, the sundae stays on the menu.  C’mon, we voted the best way you wished finally on the Lisbon Treaty, certainly which means we get the tasty items our European friends get to get pleasure from?

“Carry again the Sundae. And cease attempting to make the McFlurry occur.  Not fetch”, the petition reads.

To date, the petition has garnered 679 out of 1000 signatures, with supporters rightfully declaring that “a McFlurry is simply not the identical”.

The petition remains to be obtainable to signal over on, for anybody who feels passionately concerning the topic. Which is everybody, let’s be sincere.

This text initially appeared on LovinDublin.

Originally posted 2023-03-21 12:27:47.