I made a 'merciless joke' about my buddy's pregnancy- did I am going too far?

Like all of us, we crack jokes with our buddies and suppose nothing of it. Normally, we will say issues round them and know the place the road is.

Whereas most of us understand how far we will go along with our buddies, one 29-year-old girl discovered herself in all types of bother when she made an insensitive joke about her buddy’s being pregnant.

The girl claimed that her buddy Alice had been attempting to conceive for 3 years whereas she had determined to stay child-free.

Whereas they usually poke enjoyable on the huge variations of their lives, neither had ever taken offense till one incident.

Taking to Reddit, the confused girl revealed: “On Friday, Alice, a few different buddies, and I went out to lunch and Alice informed us that she was three months pregnant.

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“I jokingly mentioned, ‘I am so sorry. Let me know in the event you want a trip to the clinic’. Alice flipped out and known as me an insensitive b****. I informed her that I used to be joking however she would not hear it and he or she ended up leaving. She hasn’t responded to my texts and calls ever since.”

Reaching out for recommendation, she continued: “Our different buddies are staying out of it and do not need to give their opinions. I perceive that my remark would come off as impolite if I mentioned it to a stranger however Alice is aware of me and that is how we joke with one another.”

Lots of people on Reddit responded saying they agreed with Alice.

One mentioned: “Not all the things is a joke. She has tried for a child for years and also you could not give her a second of earnest assist and congratulations?”

One other agreed: “There are such a lot of candy issues she might have mentioned that have been supportive.”

A 3rd particular person wrote: “There’s a time and a spot for jokes and this was not it. Infertility isn’t any joke. My buddy simply had a child along with her boyfriend after attempting for 5 years and having PCOS. She additionally suffered a miscarriage.

“It isn’t cute to make jokes like that and I do not blame her if she by no means needs to speak to you once more.”